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Mailing lists

The best way to get involved with our activities is to subscribe to one of our three mailing lists.

The astronomical-society-announce mailing list is a very low-traffic mailing list used exclusively for announcements. You can (and should!) subscribe here. The list is only used to announce SAS public events (e.g., our next stargazing night). Expect only around two to three emails a quarter.

The astronomical-society mailing list is a low-traffic mailing list used for general astronomy talk. Do you know of an interesting astronomical event? Are you looking for partners for a night of observation? Do you have a question about telescopes or a cool astrophoto you’d like to share? Do not hesitate to post here! Event announcements will also be sent on this list, of course: the list server is smart enough to avoid delivering duplicates.

The sasleaders mailing list remains the go-to communication channels for executive decisions and core group events. This is the mailing list for you if you are especially interested in off-campus trips and community outreach as well as broader planning and regular brainstorming. If you’d like to help run SAS, plan its growth and organize its events, by all means join us here!

Leaders’ meetings

Our core group meets weekly (provided there is no upcoming event that weekend) to plan and organize the Society’s activities. Exact times and locations will be posted either on our calendar or sent via our sasleaders mailing list, but please send us an email if you have any questions or are unable to attend but are interested.